This web site is dedicated to my father, Lowell A. Lanier. My dad was an avid hunter who discovered CMHC in the 80's after moving to Columbia S.C. from Savannah, Ga., to care for ailing family members.

Everything changed for dad when he discovered CMHC. Feeling a sense of camaraderie with the members, dad quickly put his whole heart and soul into making the club the best that it could be. Dad spent his time and money helping make many improvements to include the cleaning rack, scraping roads with his backhoe,
helping develop rules and regulations, and in general being the Club "enforcer" of the rules. Dad's hand written notes are still evident in the clubhouse and inside some of the stands! In addition, dad helped out many club members with dues, and other problems when they needed assistance.

Every Wednesday at the club, someone would bring food and sponsor a cookout. When dad made his lasagna soup or his low country boil, members came in droves to eat up! Dad also sponsored the Arthur Lanier award for member excellence (named for his father) given to the member who did the most for the club, selflessly, each season.

Dad spent the majority of his time both during season, hunting, and off season, working on one project or another during the last 25 years. On December 15th, 2004 dad left home early telling mom he was going to get a big hog he had spotted. It was a Wednesday and he was planning to cook for everyone later in the day. Dad signed into his stand at approximately 5:30 am. Near 1pm, club members who had arrived to assist with the evening’s cookout realized that dad had not signed back out of his stand and wasn’t answering his phone. Upon going to the stand to check to see if he had gotten a deer or needed assistance, dad was discovered in his Bronco, no longer with us. Evidence showed that dad had hunted that morning and afterwards as he often did, sat in his Bronco with the heat running, setting a small alarm and took a nap.

Dad loved this club, its members, and his family and sometimes the order was blurred.But, he died doing what he loved most, where he felt most comfortable, and I believe his spirit still lingers at CMHC.

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